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The Sensible Approach to Risk Management

At Aspiratio Advisory, we offer a wide range of policies and plans to meet your specific business or personal requirements. Let us worry about your future so you can enjoy your present. Call us today for more information.

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We Take Care of You

In the past 20 years, we have helped more than 100,000 of clients to carry out complete and professional
planning, especially in risk management. And we are really proud to say that the clientele base is still
expanding at a very productive rate.

We always believe in planning and taking action is important especially in our finances which reflects
how well are you faring in life. We believe that if you could manage your finances healthy, it also meant
you will be able to lead a better and greater life!

The customers whom we are looking for are people who have a great sense of responsibility for themselves and
the people around them. If you are such a person, we will help you draft life plans that suit your financial
objective best, offsetting possible and unpredictable risks.
We see ourselves as a group of passionate professionals, with CFP qualifications who will try our
best to shape your dream financial goals.

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Let Us Be Your Safety Net

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Each proposal is designed with professional calculation, sincere listening and 2 way communication. A protection that is right for you and your family.

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Aspiratio is a great platform embracing the young and upcoming generation of entrepreneurs. Teaching them new knowledge for life. Helping people to achieve financial freedom through the company’s new education pipeline.

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Aspiratio mainly provides quality life planning based on latest market trends, new product development and constant feedback from customers.

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  • Complimentary 30-Mins Consultation
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    Choosing a career that fits your Holland personality is a vital step toward career well-being and success–job satisfaction. You want to say, "Yes!" to the question, "Do you like what you do each day?"
  • Internship With Aspiratio
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    Do not intern and learn how to be employee. Huh? Unbelievable right? What about if we tell you, you could intern and get the experience of how to become an entrepreneur? And in Aspiratio, this is what we are offering. Drop your name here and we will contact you to for an interview session.
  • Goal Setting Workshop
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    According to a famous survery on Harvard MBA Graduate, 3% of the students who have written down their goals are earning more than the 97% of students add all together in 10 Years time. What does this means? It also meant you can steadily activate your life GPS by setting your goals early!
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We Are Here for You

Our staff is made up of highly trained insurance experts committed to providing quality service and products to all our customers. Read on to learn more about who we are and discover what makes us such an outstanding Life Insurance Agency.

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I graduated from Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at TAR College.
I joined the insurance industry because I saw that the industry could give me time autonomy and high income. It allows me to have my own business while also having more time to spend time with my family, spouse, and friends. Of course, the insurance industry's professionalism can also assist all clients and friends I know, so that they can have their own risk planning, to achieve their financial goals.



 I graduated from UCSI University with BSc (Hons.) Finance & Investment in 2019.

I realized that I am really passionate about this industry. I like how it is able to help people. I like the satisfaction feeling each time people show appreciation towards how I am able to help them. I also believe that this job can give me the future that I want, it can provide me passive income and my early retirement will be achieved! This also leads to my motivation as I would love to have financial freedom and enjoy my early retirement. 



My work experience includes marketing staff in a ceramic tile company, corporate secretary, and some part-time jobs. Now I am an insurance agent.
After joining Aspiratio, I discovered that insurance has more functions than we thought. I also found that many people don’t understand insurance. It makes me feel that I should stick to this industry and let more people understand it. At the same time, I also can improve the lives of customers by helping them with the correct customize plans.



I graduated with Bachelors Degree in Corporate Administration from TAR University College.
The reason for joining the insurance industry is that the industry can obtain high income while being autonomous in time. When I work hard for my career, I still have the freedom to arrange my own time for my family, my partner, and friends. In addition, I also recognize customers and friends in various fields in the insurance industry. I can use my insurance expertise to help them plan their personal risks is my biggest sense of achievement in this career.



I am a mom of one kid. After my SPM I have studied makeup & a beautician, I have also been studying spirituality since 2008. I was in the beauty line for more than 10 years. I am also providing psychology consultation (heart to heart talk). I join life insurance in 2017.
I would like to share my interest in what makes me join Insurance because I truly believe insurance can save someone's living in the event of an unfortunate thing when we are not prepared at all. I feel that this is a gift I can share with the world.



If you love to see people succeed in their personal financing, this place gonna be your 2nd home. Bottom line. You see, the only way to really make money in this world today, is by not losing any. Heard of the safety of margin? Exactly. And remember to buy yourself a watch, it is a reminder for you to get yourself here and learn more about finance.



I joined Aspiratio Advisory through a university internship in 2020 and have been here for half a year. I am a graduate of UCSI, studying BSc(Hons) Finance and Investment.
In fact, before joining the life insurance industry, I personally resisted other people's promotion of insurance to me, so the mentality of joining at the beginning was to get by and leave the company thinking of completing the internship. But after joining for a month, I found that the bosses and colleagues here are very enthusiastic about their work, and they are all very serious and unreserved in teaching us these newcomers. This is the biggest reason why I stay because the culture of this company is absolutely different from other outside company cultures. The culture here is that everyone can grow together and succeed together.



I graduated from TARUC in May 2018 and studied FOOD SCIENCE & HUMAN NUTRITION.
As mentioned above, I feel that sales are my own industry direction. I chose to join this industry is because the team system is better than other sales industries. I was also moved by the professionalism and sincerity of the team. What you learn should help others, and what you earn should be given to others. The insurance industry is irreplaceable, with unlimited possibilities and autonomous control. Changing lives starts with changing jobs.



I am also currently a student at TARUC.
I was worried that after becoming an insurance agent, I will lose all my friends because I dislike to approach my friends by hard-selling. Nevertheless, I found that every member of Aspiratio Advisory performs their professionalism in helping their clients in insurance planning, and analyze clients’ needs before design an insurance plan. I trust that insurance industry is an industry which can strengthen the friendship, because after they become our clients, we will service them till we get old. Therefore, I started my journey in insurance industry, learning how to balance my career and studies, and I believe I will become the extraordinary one if I really put effort.



I’ve obtained my bachelor degree in computer engineering at MMU. I’m in insurance industry for more than 8 years, and still counting.

Helping people is always my priority. Guiding others in getting the right tool to achieve their life goals has never been more rewarding!



Back then I was in engineering studies when I first got in touch with insurance industry. Apart from having a full time job in Technology Company, I am currently also committed time and effort in growing insurance as part timer. Being a part timer doesn’t stop me to continue developing long term road map in this field.
The four elements in insurance i.e. relationship, advice, solutions & service which are the pillars lead to professionalism and competency built in myself. The meaningfulness of this “living business” encourages me to stay and share.



I was previously a Biomedical Engineering graduate from University Malaya and has been in the insurance industry since my 2nd year of Uni.

What made me joined insurance? For me, friends are super important, and I find that relationship needs maintenance and keeping in touch. Insurance profession is a good reason to keep in touch and getting close to all the friends who are meaningful to me, and for me, this is a good and realistic way that I can help them when they are in need.



I graduated from the Department of Radio, Television and Film. I have been in the entertainment industry for ten years. After that, he worked as a white-collar worker for 5 years. I am currently a yoga teacher and insurance for my own business.
The reason for joining is to hope that everyone can buy the right protection to protect the people they love. At the same time, they can also help others get help when they needed, and give selfless care and love.



I study LCCI. Previous job work as Finance and Accounting.

What made me join this industry?
Is to improve my communication skill, explain clearly, be more confidence and positive. 

I really love this environment so much. At the first, I failed my exam three times, but Crystal and her senior (Wing) keep cheering me up. Besides, they have a lot of programme like improve skill communicate, change your habit, step out your comfort zone and improve yourself. They even teach us one by one. Before I join insurance I didn’t know why insurance is so important to us but now I know why insurance is important. Is to create love better than left with debt to your loved one.



I graduated from tourism and hotel management 6 years ago. I had an internship in a travel agency for 6 months. I also had experience working in hotels and restaurants. Later I found out that I didn't like these jobs very much.
Insurance can help others and realize my dream at the same time, and he can systematically lead young partners like you to success together! For the 90s/00s, or you are about to enter a competitive society, you must find ways to add value to yourself and make yourself better than others!



I graduated from HELP UNIVERSITY and obtained a bachelor's degree in business and marketing management from University in Australia (CSU). After graduation, I worked in a building materials company in Klang Valley for 2 years in product commercial development and sales.
The main reason for joining the life insurance industry was to believe that insurance products can help everyone around us, regardless of their age, gender or background. And indeed, during the years of servicing, I have also helped many customers, relatives and friends successfully claim medical expenses or protection through insurance. I can create a career for myself in this industry, and at the same time help more people plan their own insurance protection. And through it to reduce the risk of having to pay high medical expenses in the future. It is important for customers in their own financial management through insurance.



I graduated from the national university in Malaysia, and joined the life insurance industry after graduation.
The reason why I joined the life insurance industry is because from 2009 to 2019, my father was admitted hospital due to cirrhosis of the liver, ruptured esophagus and stomach. During this period, he spent more than 100k. We were all panicked because we were worried about my father’s health and medicine. The fee will exceed our expectations. Luckily, he bought insurance, and it reduce  the financial burden of my family.
As my family is an insurance beneficiary , and understand the importance of insurance. So I entered this industry and wanted to help others so that they can face risks in the best possible state.



The reason why am I joining insurance industry is that this industry gives me opportunity for me to expand over myself by helping clients to have proper insurance planning for their family. I also found that career is very meaningful because it is the only tools to protect people by ensuring their financial security.


11-1-1, Medan Niaga Mutiara Cheras, Jalan 3/101c, Cheras Business Centre, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03-9134 3233

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